APTACO SIGs, Committees & Districts

Special Interest Groups (SISs)

The Chapter recognizes seven statewide Special Interest Groups, or SIGs. You must be a member of the APTA Colorado Chapter to join a SIG. They are: 

  • CARe SIG (Colorado Acute/Rehab SIG) 
  • Clinical Education SIG
  • Pediatric SIG 
  • Private Practice SIG
  • PTA SIG 
  • Student SIG
  • Sports SIG 
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APTA Colorado Chapter Committees

The pressures on the physical therapy profession are increasing. The Chapter has been successful in accomplishing much for our membership, primarily through the efforts of our dedicated volunteers. We always need new faces, new ideas, and new energy. Please take a minute to sign up below to help out in an area that interests you. You must be a member of the APTA Colorado Chapter to serve. If you are interested in joining a committee, please email us. 

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee (DEI) - Enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion within the Chapter, clinical facilities, academic institutions, and community programs.

  • Government Affairs CommitteeMonitors and reports on local and national legislative activities; lobbies and advocates before regulatory bodies.

  • Public Relations Committee - Maintains chapter's social media presence and community engagement. 

  • Young Professionals CommitteeDevelops and expands opportunities for mentoring PT students and recent graduates.

  • Sunset Committee - Colorado is now embarking on a "sunset review" to ensure that continued regulation is in the public's interest.  "Sunset" involves the periodic review of state agencies that exercise the state's regulatory authority over occupations. Agencies are terminated by specified dates unless their life is extended by legislative action.

  • Membership CommitteeRecruit PTs, PTA, and students to the APTA.

  • Professional Development CommitteeDevelops and expands opportunities for ongoing education for Colorado PTs, PT Assistants and students and plans programs for the annual Fall conference and other continuing education offerings.

  • Colorado PT Political Action Committee (PAC)Serves as a fundraising group committed to supporting state and local candidates whose views are supportive of the profession and practice of physical therapy.

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The APTA Colorado Chapter is divided into four districts: West Slope, Northeast, Southeast and Mile High. These districts provide local resources to members within their geographic areas in Colorado. You will automatically be assigned to a district based on your location when you join the chapter. 

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