Pediatric SIG

The Pediatric Special Interest Group (PSIG) of the Colorado Chapter of the APTA is a group of Colorado Physical Therapists who share a passion for working with children and their families.  We have a common interest in providing effective, evidenced-based pediatric physical therapy services and promoting the interests of our membership, the Colorado Chapter, and the American Physical Therapy Association.  

Our Objectives:

1.  Promote high quality physical therapy service delivery for children with disabilities in Colorado through research, education, and information based on evidence and clinical expertise across practice settings.
2.  Encourage, foster, gather, and disseminate research related to effective physical therapy intervention across pediatric settings.
3. Provide a forum for communication among pediatric physical therapy clinicians, academicians, and researchers across the states and in various practice settings.
4.  Provide a unified voice and avenue for communicating with the Colorado Chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association regarding pediatric physical therapy legislation and related practice issues in the state.


PSIG Leadership:

President (Elected 2017): Meghan TB Hernandez, PT, DPT, PCS

Vice President (Elected 2018): Jim Hedgecock, PT, DPT, PCS

Secretary (Elected 2017): Kelsey Miller PT, DPT, PCS 

Treasurer (Elected 2017): Shekema McCarthy, PT, DPT, PCS


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