Private Practice SIG

*Please note - The Private Practice SIG is currently inactive and looking for new leadership. If you are interested in the PPSIG or being on the PPSIG board, please email [email protected]. When the PPSIG is re-activated, those expressing interest in joining will be required to pay separate dues.

Membership dues are $75 for the entire year (ONLY $25 FOR STUDENTS!) With your membership you receive:

With your membership you receive:

  • Participation in quarterly meetings with other PPSIG members;
  • The opportunity to network with other private practitioners in the state;
  • Representation on our Colorado Board of Directors so that the voice of private practitioners will be represented;
  • A reimbursement liaison from our state to national APTA addressing and notifying each other of issues affecting reimbursement;
  • Attendance to seminars pertinent to private practitioners to assist in the management and development of their practices;
  • Representation on legislative issues at a state level, and a liaison to the national PPS to enhance our connection to those on a national level.

It’s our vision to develop and maintain an organization that supports the success of individual physical therapists in private practice, and the profession of physical therapy as a whole. We hope that you will continue your membership with the APTA Colorado Private Practice SIG.

E-mail the Private Practice SIG - [email protected]