Meet the APTA Colorado Delegates

APTA’s House of Delegates is a policy-making body made up of APTA members from across the country. To provide input on House motions and activities, contact your representatives. Please begin with your chief delegate and contact others only if you fail to receive a response.

Chief Delegate: Rebekah L. Griffith, PT, DPT 


  • Lisa M. Bryant, PT, DPT 
  • Jessica K. Cozine-Lehman, PT, DPT
  • Christopher Edmundson, PT, DPT 
  • Jill Flaherty, PT 
  • Erin M. Hayden, PT, DPT 
  • Cameron W. MacDonald, PT, DPT 
  • Joseph Miller, PT, DPT, DSc 
  • Patricia Pennell, PT 
  • Katelynn Downey, PT, DPT

Alternate Delegate: Douglas J. Emerson, PT, DPT