2019 APTA Colorado Chapter Bylaw Change Summary & Election Results

Posted: October 24, 2019

At the 2019 Colorado APTA Conference in Denver in October, several Bylaw Amendments were passed by the membership. The most significant, being the change in the voting rights of the Physical Therapist Assistant from one half vote to a full vote at Colorado Chapter membership meetings. The amendment passed with a 2/3 majority. 

Several other amendments were passed that brought the Chapter Bylaws into alignment with the current structure of the Colorado Board of Directors and the recent changes to one Annual Meeting per year.

1. One Director At Large will represent all of the Colorado SIGs.
2. Update language on the composition of the Board of Directors/Executive Committee/Officers
3. Members of the Board of Directors, Officers of the Chapter and the Nominating Committee shall assume office (30) days after the election.
4. Updated language on the terms of office of the President, President Elect, Delegate At Large and Chief Delegate.
5. Added to the Duties of the PTA Caucus Representative, to Serve as the PTA Caucus Director on the Board of Directors.

2019 APTA Colorado Chapter Officer Election Results:

Vice President - Jill Flaherty

Chief Delegate Elect - Rebekah Griffith