10:30 Sunset Donation

The upcoming 2023-24 legislative years will thrust some very important legislative tasks to the forefront of APTACO, and we are proactively gearing up to meet those challenges. The Government Affairs Committee has already developed initial language for Utilization Management legislation in 2023. But even more important, the Association is preparing for Physical Therapy Licensure Sunset. The Sunset process will begin in 2023 and culminate in 2024. Sunset opens our Practice Act for legislative review and possible change. We expect both efforts to be quite challenging.

Your APTACO representatives are working well past closing time into the late night to prepare for the upcoming Sunset review. To meet the extra legislative effort and lobbying expenses for Sunset, and to increase funding for DEI and Scholarships, APTA Colorado is initiating the 10:30 Campaign. The many hours of extra work required to pass a sunset review are not free, but can be funded by a small donation of $30 to make sure we have a Physical Therapy board in 2024. A $30 donation from every PT and PTA would contribute to advocacy for sunset and for diversity, and help to sustain our PT board and ensure that no one can practice without a PT license. For every $30 donated, $20 is allocated to advocacy for Sunset Legislation and $10 will go towards broadening diversity programming and scholarship awards. The campaign goal is 100% participation of the 2045 members of APTACO. We will also be reaching out to the rest of the Physical Therapist community in Colorado, as the legislative efforts will also impact them. 


Thank you for your continued support of PTs and PTAs in Colorado!