1. Constitutional Responsibilities

a. The treasurer shall be bonded, with the Chapter bearing the expense, and shall be the custodian of all Chapter funds which shall be paid on approval of the Board of Directors or upon a majority vote of the Chapter members. The treasurer shall be responsible for reporting in writing on the financial status of the Chapter to the association. The treasurer shall also serve as Chair of the Finance and Audit Committee. (Article VII, Section (3)(E)

b. Term of office is 2 years (Article VII, Section (4)(B)(2)

c. Meetings: Attend four (4) Executive Committee meetings (via conference call), and attend four (4) live Board of Directors’ meetings.

2. Specific Responsibilities

a. Serves on the Executive Committee

b. Serves on the Board of Directors

c. Serves as the Chair of the Finance and Audit Committee, which presents an annual association budget to the Board of Directors; Liason to the Finance Director

d. Annually review budget and create working budget

3. Additional Requirements

a. Thorough understanding of financial statements and accounting concepts

b. Experience in strategic planning, organizational structure, and business operations

c. Not required but valuable: Previous experience on the finance and audit committee and/or Board of Directors

4. Additional Time and Financial Commitments

a. Time: The position of treasurer time requirement on average is approximately 2-5 hours/ month with 1 full day for budgeting

b. Financial Commitments: The primary financial impact results from the time that is likely spent away from the practice setting.