1. Constitutional Responsibilities
a. The secretary shall keep the minutes and records for all chapter meetings (Article VII, Section (3)(D)
b. Term of office is 2 years (Article VII, Section (4)(B)(2)
c. Meetings: Attend four (4) Executive Committee meetings (via conference call), and attend four (4) live Board of Director’s meetings

2. Specific Responsibilities
a. Serves on the Executive Committee
b. Serves on the Board of Directors
c. Serves as the Board liaison to SIG Director, various task forces, committees, and other groups assigned
d. Attend Chapter business meetings
e. Submit Chapter business meeting minutes to the association headquarters within 45 days following a meeting or election.
f. Ability and willingness to devote time to fulfilling responsibilities

3. Additional Qualifications
a. Detail orientation
b. Writing skills

4. Additional Time and Financial Commitments
a. Time: The position of Secretary time requirement on average is approximately 2- 3 hours/ month
b. Financial Commitments: The primary financial impact results from the time that is likely spent away from the practice setting