Nominating Committee

1. Constitutional Responsibilities
a. Term of office is 3 years (Article VIII, Section (1)(C)(1))
b. Must be a member in good standing for 2 years (Article VIII, Section (1)(C)(1))
c. Prepares slate for each position from those consenting to serve (Article VIII, Section (1)(C)(2)(b)) l
d. Strive to have a member of the nominating committee from each district (Article VIII, Section (1)(C)(2)(c))
e. Strive to seek out diverse slate of qualified candidates with regard to special interest, clinical specialty, practice setting and geographic location (Article VIII, Section (1)(C)(2)(d))

2. Specific Responsibilities
a. Attend Nominating Committee meetings.
b. Chairperson to communicate and submit quarterly reports to the Professional Development Director to be presented at Board of Directors meetings in Fall and Winter; Members encouraged to attend but not mandatory
c. Communicate all elections rules and guidelines as requested by Board and to Districts to assure compliance.

3. Additional Qualifications
a. Knowledge of membership
b. Knowledge of responsibilities for elected positions

4. Additional Time and Financial Commitments
a. Primarily meets via conference call.