Chief Delegate

1. Constitutional Responsibilities
a. Must have been a delegate and have attended the HOD as a delegate for a minimum of 2 years. (Article VII, Section (2)(B) 12
b. The chief delegate- elect works closely with the chief delegate to become familiar with the responsibilities and workings of the office (Article VII, Section (3)(G)
c. Chief delegate elect term is from January 1 to December 31st of the following year in which he/she will be a voting member of the House of Delegates. The chief delegate elect will automatically assume the position of chief delegate on July 1st of the year following his/her election as chief delegate elect (Article VII, Section (4)(B)(4)
d. Shall attend the annual conference as delegate at large in the year of his election and serve as chief delegate for the ensuing 2 years (Article IX, Section (2)
e. Meetings: Attend four (4) Executive Committee meetings (via conference call); attend four (4) live Board of Directors’ meetings.
f. Expected to attend all caucuses, and sessions of the House of Delegates

2. Specific Responsibilities
a. Assist chief delegate with specific responsibilities as outline above

b. Liason with Young Professionals Director

3. Additional Qualifications
a. Organizational skills
b. Team management skills
c. Flexibility in schedule to meet expectations of office of chief delegate

4. Additional Time and Financial Commitments
a. Time: The position of chief delegate elect’s time requirement on average is approximately 2 hours/month.
b. Financial Commitments: The chief delegate elect receives financial support to attend HOD meetings based on the Chapter Financial Guidelines. The primary financial impact results from the time that is likely spent away from the practice setting.