PT Licensure 'Sunset' Process Begins; APTA Colorado's Task Force Weighs In

Physical Therapists have been licensed in Colorado since 1959 and Physical Therapist Assistants have been certified since 2011. The state is now embarking on a "sunset review" to ensure that continued regulation is in the public's interest. 

"Sunset" involves the periodic review of state agencies that exercise the state's regulatory authority over occupations. Agencies are terminated by specified dates unless their life is extended by legislative action.

As part of the review process, the Department of Regulatory Agencies recently asked APTA Colorado to respond to a number of stakeholder questions. The chapter, through its APTA Colorado Sunset Task Force, last week provided summative responses. The responses provided are a consensus response from all active members of the task force. Additions and future revision based upon review is expected.

APTA Colorado members are welcome to review the responses and provide their comments to [email protected]

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