We Need Your Feedback On Dry Needling Utilization 

Posted: Feb. 23, 2017

Members (thank you!) and non-members (please join us and help in the efforts to protect your right to practice!) as we continue in the sunset process and our professional scope of practice is open for all interested parties to modify/challenge/review, it is expected that we will have considerable interest in the utilization of dry needling by Physical Therapists in Colorado. 

We need clear understanding of the utilization, benefit or harm and the societal impact that dry needling as a component of patient management by PTs has in Colorado. In short we need data. 

Below is a link to the survey that is being sent to as many practicing PTs in Colorado who we can reach. Your participation is crucial in this ongoing debate and as we seek to optimize the professional scope of Physical Therapists as qualified health care practitioners to meet the needs of Colorado constituents.

Take survey

Please share with your PT colleagues who utilize dry needling or have an interest in dry needling!