Raymond Vigil, BSPT, DPT

Dr. Vigil is running for Vice President in the 2021 Board Elections. 

Raymond B. Vigil grew up in Cimarron, Colorado. The rural west slope taught him to problem solve with the tools and skill you have. It was this need to fix things with the tools you have setting that Ray developed exceptional skills in fixing things. This early skill was acquired in middle and high school and would serve him well as he proceeded to choose a career in Physical Therapy and particularly in private practice where he would have to fix many things that would range from patient aliments to human resources issues to cash flow management and contract selection. Ray is married to Julie. They each have adult children from prior marriages and enjoy including the "kids" with outings that involved hiking, skiing, and snowshoeing. Ray and Julie live in Centennial, CO.

Why do you want to serve in the above position?
Service is key. It is the bare bones reason why I became a physical therapist. I have learned that service to others is a core element to being myself and being a licensed professional. I would like to continue to assist our profession as PT challenges for the 21 Century will continue to need experienced clinicians to lead the way. I have enjoyed working with APTA in the past and would like to continue to do so.
Why do you feel qualified to serve in the above position?
APTA has been a vital organization for my career and for my personal growth as a licensed professional. During PT school my membership began and has been in effect since 1984. Key areas APTA has been instrumental in my career and professional development have been in understanding that Physical Therapy was much bigger than seeing patients. APTA opened the world of leadership, diplomacy, legislation, organization and being able to serve the Colorado Chapter as the State's Private Practice representative and membership recruiter. Other positions that APTA has assisted me in have been in being the physical therapy representative for participating in workers' compensation treatment guidelines for the Colorado Division of Labor, Medical Cost Containment Unit from 1993 to 2007. I believe I am qualified to serve in the position of the office of Vice President because I have the experience of participating in APTA Mile High Chapter tasks that have involved licensure, Sunset, and local issues.