Tyler Luke, PT, DPT

Dr. Luke is running for Director at Large - Practice Director in the 2021 Board Elections. 

Dr. Luke has been a private practice physical therapist for six years. He joined the APTA as a student in 2012, and immediately found a passion for leadership and professional growth. Dr. Luke is running for a leadership this election to better serve his colleagues, and to move our profession forward at the state and federal level.

Why do you want to serve in the above position?
The APTA is in a precarious position. From the federal level to the state level, we are faced with constant challenges both internally and externally. From declining membership, lack of involvement from members, declining reimbursement in private practice, and a constant battle for autonomy with other professions, effective leadership is needed now more than ever. Drawing from my past experience in leadership, I believe this is a unique opportunity to give back to my profession in a way that create meaningful, sustainable changes for all its members.

Why do you feel qualified to serve in the above position?
Since joining the APTA as a first-year PT student, I have been a consistent contributor at the state level for several years. I have experience working as a member of the Government Affairs Committee in Colorado, as well as Tennessee, and have traveled to Washington D.C for national advocacy efforts. I have also previously served in an elected position as the Knoxville District Chair. I believe this experience has allowed me to learn what it truly takes to serve at the state level, and I plan to utilize this experience to help our Colorado chapter grow and flourish in the near future.