APTA CO - Vaccine Roll Out 12-24-20 Update

The first shipments of the Moderna vaccine have been received in Colorado. It is currently planned that all hospital staff will be vaccinated by early January, and long term care facilities will be completed in the same timeframe.

The CDC has changed some guidelines on the priority of vaccination and the state of Colorado is seeking to identify the specific impacts of this to the current rollout timeline. Currently, the focus of the State of Colorado/CDPHE is on employees of hospitals and long term care facilities.

At this point, it is unclear from week to week how much vaccine supply will be provided to the State of Colorado. As such, planning the vaccination schedules for more than one week out is difficult. Currently, the advance notification in place is approximately four days. It is expected that by mid-January there will be more advanced notification and detail of future supply. 

From the information available, it is not anticipated that another vaccine will be approved until at least February (Johnson, AstraZeneca, or others).

At this time in the State of Colorado, PTs, PTAs, and students are considered within the umbrella of Tier 1A and Tier 1B depending on setting and exposure risk.

For Phase 1B, it is the current understanding that some on-site vaccination will be completed employers health plan coverage. APTA CO recognizes the challenge inherent in verifying the order of vaccination under this scheme in terms of vaccination priority between Tiers. We also recognize that a primary issue is the unknowns within the current supply chain.

APTA CO will continue to provide updates as we receive or identify new information.