Financial Director

1. Membership Committee
2. CEU Locker
3. Financial Committee
4. Bob Doctor Golf Committee

This director's liaison is the Treasurer

1. Constitutional Responsibilities
a. Term of office is 2 years or until the election of their successor (Article VII, Section (4)(A)(1))
b. Shall assume office January 1 (Article VII, Section (4)(A)(2))
c. Meetings: Attend four (4) Board of Directors’ meetings (remove Live?)

2. Specific Responsibilities
a. Representing the Finance Committee, the Bob Doctor Golf Committee, the Membership and the CEU Locker
b. Foster the growth and development of the association
c. Be responsible for creation, appointment, purposes and activities of such committees as it deems necessary
d. Prepare for board meetings by collecting quarterly reports from the Finance Committee, Bob Doctor Golf Committee, Membership Committee and CEU Locker
d. Maintain interaction with members and the public throughout the year
e. Attend Board of Directors meetings and participate effectively at the meetings
f. Provide summary report to all committee chairpersons of relevant information presented at BOD meetings each quarter.

3. Additional Qualifications
a. APTA membership
b. Organizational skills
c. Team management skills

4. Additional Time and Financial Commitments
a. Time: The position of Director at Large time requirement on average is approximately 2-3 hours/ month
b. Financial Commitments: The primary financial impact results from the time that is likely spent away from the practice setting