Delegates at Large

1. Constitutional Responsibilities
a. Term of office is 2 years. (Article IX, Section (3))
b. Responsible to attend all meetings called by the chief delegate attend the annual meeting of the APTA House of Delegates (June) if required , and conduct business as per association policies. (Article IX, Section (5))

2. Specific Responsibilities
a. Serve as a voting member of the Colorado delegation in the APTA House of Delegates
b. Bring forth ideas for motion development and provide input on proposed motions
c. Discuss and provide input regarding candidates for national office
d. Attend all meetings, caucuses and discussion groups, candidate interviews and elections during the annual meeting of the House of Delegates.

3. Additional Qualifications
a. Current and continuous APTA membership for the two years prior to serving and during the term of office

4. Additional Time and Financial Commitments
a. Monthly phone conferences from September through June
b. Attend annual meeting of HOD for 4 days and be responsible for any costs and time off beyond the designated reimbursement of the chapter (see expense guidelines)
c. Delegate at large may attend the annual House of Delegates dependent upon the need and the number of votes afforded to the Chapter. Generally, HOD delegates include: President, President-Elect, Chief Delegate, Chief Delegate-Elect and representatives from each of the four Districts. If in an election year, the Chief Delegate is also the Chief Delegate-Elect, the Delegate at Large may then be required to attend the HOD.